Mail Call

Adrienne Jaeger

I wait
at the foot of my cot
for the arrival of the mail.
I watch
as the counselor paces,
distributing letters to giddy campers.

four envelopes drop
onto my scratchy blanket.
I sift through the pile
and find three
are from you—
all bright and colorful cards.

I laugh
as I read your version
of Anna’s experience at sailing camp
and for a moment
wish I was back home.

I gaze
at the rainbow wall
pasted with other cards,
all from you.
Then I look at my bunkmates’
barren walls
and I understand how you are different.

Outside tall ferns sway in the wind
and the sun is alone in a flawless blue sky
like the day when you and I said good-bye
and I told you I don’t miss you when I’m at camp.

Well, I do.